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Surname Search: Fi-Fz

The following table lists individuals interred in an Aurora Illinois area cemetery, or whose obituary appeared in the Aurora Beacon News since June 2001, regardless of where they have been interred. If only a surname is entered in any row, click once on that name to view a list of multiple entries with that surname or variation of such.

If you find an individual of interest interred at either Spring Lake or St Paul's cemeteries and the grave location is shown, you can view a list of other's who have been interred on the same lot. Choose the Spring Lake or St Paul lot search pages for this purpose. This is especially important when individuals with different surnames are interred on a lot owned by a single owner. The lot search pages for St Paul's are available but those for Spring Lake are under construction. You can contact the webmaster and request a listing by lot/owner for the Section RG. It is the only section not currently available in the lot search capability. Any available details will be returned to you via email.

For the obituary-derived entries, no Section/Lot/Grave information is available, but normally the dates of birth and death and the age are all given. Spring Lake, St Paul's, and Riverside cemeteries use different record keeping procedures. The result is that information available is inconsistent. Spring Lake keeps death date and age (when available) whereas St Paul's keeps date of birth and date of death information.  Most Riverside entries show year of death only but month/day/year of burial. Likewise, St Paul's uses a section/lot/grave numbering system whereas Spring Lake does not number the graves within a lot. Riverside Cemetery uses Section, Block, Lot, Row, and Grave letters/numbers; combinations of which vary based on the section of the cemetery.

You are cautioned that there are no claims as to the accuracy of the cemetery listings. Data was extracted from hand written records which could easily be mis-interpreted. In addition, spelling in the original entries may differ depending on the person entering the data on the death/interment certificate. For instance, individuals from a Stuart family could be listed as Stuart or Stewart, depending on who entered the data (depends on date of death/interment). You should search for all reasonable permutations of a surname.


1. Names in {...} indicate a previous married name. Names in normal parens (...) indicate a maiden name, or in rare instances, a surname legally changed. Names in quotation marks are nicknames.

2. Dates of death in parenthesis indicate burial date when the date of death is not available.

3. Dates of death without "day" entries, i.e., 9/../1938, indicate that the date of burial is available but only the year of death is indicated. The year given is consistent with the date of burial. For instance, if year of death is given as 1972 and burial is listed as August 21, 1972, the entry in the "Death" field is entered as 8/../1972. If the date of burial is on one of the first three days of a month, the entry will show the previous month. Example: If Death is given as 1972 and burial listed as August 2, 1972, the entry in the Death field will show 7/../1972. This is based on the assumption that burial would take place three or more days after death. There is no assurance that the death dates shown in this form are accurate, it is just an attempt to help narrow the search for obituary data or death certificates.

4. Entries in the Cemetery field that are in parenthesis indicate either the actual place of death or where the individual was living at the time of their death, but only if a burial location is not known.

5. Grave locations within St Paul's, Spring Lake, and Riverside cemeteries show S(ection), B(lock), L(ot), R(ow), and G(rave) based on the way each lays out their section/lot maps. Spring Lake Cemetery has three major "blocks"; E=East Side, W=West Side, and RG=Rose Garden. Individual Sections are lettered for the east and west sides of the cemetery. A previous location identification of Section A-East Lot 24 would have appeared as AE-24, whereas now it is entered as S:A B:E L:24. Also, the term "Tile" was used to identify individual graves within a Section or Lot. The tile number is now referred to as the grave number.


NAME Birth Age Death Cemetery

S(ection) B(lock)

L(ot) R(ow) G(rave

Fick, August   61 7/25/1934 Spring Lake  S:L B:W L:19
Fick, Geneviere M.   49 3/20/1928 Spring Lake  S:L B:W L:19
Ficke, Sandra Rae 8/17/1942 4 months 12/28/1942 Riverside S:8 B:11 L:7 G:12
Fielding, Carl R. 1902   4/../1975 St Pauls S:C L:68 G:4
Fielding, Helen M. 1903   5/../1979 St Pauls S:C L:68 G:2
Fiene, Henry D. 1896   6/../1962 St Pauls S:J L:3 G:3
Fiene, Lenora B. 1895   3/../1990 St Pauls S:J L:3 G:1
Fierz, Susan (Pachon) 5/6/1943 58 4/24/2002 St Mary's-D  
Fifelski, Donald 12/29/1923 79 5/25/2003 Lincoln  
Figgins, Alice (Keenan) 1/13/1915 91 6/19/2006 Oak Ridge  
Figueroa, Florence M. (Irvin) 5/18/1939 69 12/21/2008 Riverside  
Figueroa, Francisco   55 12/9/1981 Spring Lake  B:RG L:92 G:6
Fike, Cynthia McNeil   89 2/3/2003 Not Listed  
Filacz, Julius   54 6/28/1925 Spring Lake  S:V B:W G:54
Filbey, Hazel     (5/27/1968) Riverside S:7 B:17 L:24 G:6
Filek, Dr. Allan A. 5/18/1907 99 1/9/2007 (Sun City West, AZ)  
Files, Ellis   19 12/26/1974 Spring Lake  S:V B:W G:234
Filipek, Mary Ann 8/6/1919 86 9/18/2005 Not Listed  
Fillie, Herman     (8/24/1940) Riverside  
Findlay, Zelpha T.   82 11/10/1909 Spring Lake  S:B B:W L:34
Fingers, Annie Ruth (Bell) 12/19/1930 67 11/5/1998 Riverside S:GP B:13 L:15 G:2
Fingers, Janice E. 1/13/1968   2/8/1978 Riverside S:GP B:10 L:B G:1
Fingers-Nelson, Joni Elizabeth 8/19/1965 42 8/21/2007 Not Listed  
Erickson-Finn, Lila C., D.C. 4/18/1922 86 7/25/2008 (Hope, MI)  
Finnell, Albert A. Jr.     (10/29/1958) Riverside S:6 B:3 L:27 G:11
Finnell, Albert O.     (1/22/1960) Riverside S:6 B:3 L:27 G:4
Finnell, Pearl     (9/14/1962) Riverside S:6 B:3 L:27 G:5
Finnerty, Jeffrey Stephan     10/27/1980 Spring Lake  S:P B:W G:74
Finnestad, Doris Elaine (Lippold) 2/14/1928 78 3/15/2006 Not Listed  
Finnestad, Gerald R.   86 8/25/2008 Plattville  
Finney, Mary Schminke     (5/20/1978) Spring Lake  S:K B:E G:46
Finstrom, Frances M. (Holmgren) 4/5/1918 84 8/24/2002 Not Listed  
Finstrom, Lois K. (Marquiss) 12/30/1915 86 10/24/2002 Lincoln  
Fishburn, Fredrick   8 mo 8/17/1884 Spring Lake  S:G B:E L:36
Fishburn, Joshua J.   81 11/1/1922 Spring Lake  S:G B:E L:36
Fishburn, Sue B.   70 4/13/1917 Spring Lake  S:G B:E L:36
Fisk, Etherl 7/31/1913 85 3/21/1999 Riverside S:Q L:1 G:3
Fisk, Lorraine Dorris 1930   1/../1933 Riverside S:J L:54 G:4
Fitting, Florence Myrtle (Whitt) 3/16/1928 77 3/28/2005 Lincoln  
Fitzsimmons, Richard F. Jr. 1/2/1920 82 7/18/2002 Elmwood  
Flack, Grace 1886   2/../1963 Riverside S:K B:1 L:1 G:3
Flack, Vernon 1890   8/../1964 Riverside S:K B:1 L:1 G:2W
Flaherty, Jennifer "Jenny" Colleen 11/6/1988 19 12/3/2007 Cremated  
Flaherty, Ruth E. (Glenn) 3/24/1918 83 1/21/2002 Resurrection-G  
Flaherty, Terrance "Terry"   48 1/13/2002 (Forest Lake, MN)  
*Flahiff, John   70 2/2/1886 Spring Lake  S:J B:E L:223
   *John Flahiff remains moved to Batavia Illinois on April 21, 1896.
Flanagan, Robert D. 12/2/1934 68 8/2/2003 (Hudson, FL)  
Flanegan, Elsie V. 1918   10/../1986 Riverside S:7 B:17 L:25 G:8
Flanegan, Eugene R. 1914   9/../1984 Riverside S:7 G:17 L:25 G:7
Flannigan, Anna Marie (Ewen) 8/7/1923 78 8/12/2001 St Michael-W  
Flegal, James LeRoy 7/13/1938 65 8/6/2003 Port Byron, IL  
Flege, August     (7/8/1904) St Pauls S:B L:16 G:8
Fleig, Wilbur J. "Bill" 8/25/1915 85 6/9/2001 Lincoln  
Fleischman (Unnamed)   8 days 4/20/1911 Spring Lake  S:F B:W L:1 G:118
Fleissner, Marjorie (Hyde) 1/7/1913 88 10/14/2001 Stevens  
Flentye (Unnamed)   Baby (1/6/1947) Riverside S:2 R:1
Fleury, Margie Jean 7/15/1936 66 11/4/2002 Cremated  
Flexum (Unnamed)   Stillborn (4/??1926) Riverside  
Flo, Daryl 1943   12/../1990 Riverside S:7 B:12 L:11 G:3
Flo, Edith June (Watson)   69 12/16/2008 Riverside  
Flock, Charles A.   27 4/18/1899 Spring Lake  S:A B:E L:12
Flodstrom, Mary Elizabeth 4/2/1934 74 12/11/2008 Not Listed  
Floit, Roy Arthur 11/1/1916 86 4/10/2003 Elmwood  
Flood, Margie 1931   5/../1998 Riverside S:6 B:8 L:12 G:6C
Flora, Hadessa 10/3/1989 17 10/26/2006 Not Listed  
Florence, Archile   34 7/6/1907 Spring Lake  S:C B:W L:15
Florence, Vernon C. 12/12/1919 86 6/10/2006 Lincoln  
Florence, Wayne 12/4/1914 89 3/12/2004 Kaneville  
Florian, Derek T. 5/12/1974 31 8/29/2005 Not Listed  
Florian, Lucyle (Urich) 11/30/1911 91 1/7/2003 Marywood  
Florio, Laura (Calabrese)     10/26/2003 St Marys-EP  
Flory, Helen C. (Crumpacker) 3/12/1907 98 8/19/2005 Daleville, VA  
Flournoy, Dalen 1/17/2008 1 day 1/17/2008 Not Listed  
Flournoy, DeRon 1/17/2008 1 day 1/17/2008 Not Listed  
Flud, Elsie   67 4/26/1975 Spring Lake  S:U B:W G:14
Fluellan, Montrell Chakier' "Monty" 2/16/1984 21 11/4/2005 River Hills  
Flyne (Unnamed)   Baby (5/6/1936) Riverside  
Fogelberg, Ruth Doris (Kehrein) 5/7/1915 87 5/17/2002 Not Listed  
Fogerty, Clare (Lavis)     4/15/2004 (Lee's Summit, MO)  
Fogleman, Robert W. 11/1/1930 76 9/7/2007 River Hills  
Fogleman, Virginia R. (Taccki)   75 11/23/2004 Mt Olivet  
Fohn, Dona Mae     11/23/1992 Spring Lake  S:P B:W L:73
Follmer, Jacqueline A. "Jackie" (Malmrose)  9/11/1931 70 9/7/2002 Elmwood  
Foltos, Verna 3/3/1920 86 6/15/2006 (Phoenix, AZ)  
Foltz, Riley D. 8/1/1936 70 6/8/2007 Not Listed  
Fones, Charles   69 2/10/1944 Spring Lake  S:V B:W G:141
Fonseca, Alberto Sr.     3/26/1990 Spring Lake  B:RG L:107 G:6
Fonseca, Felix "El Don" 10/28/1922 84 1/14/2007 St Joseph  
Fonzey, Bennie   25 4/4/1928 Spring Lake  S:V B:W G:31
Fonzey, Roxy   52 3/15/1934 Spring Lake  S:U B:W G:13
Fooley, Wilson L.   69 (6/3/1947) Riverside S:I R:2 G:20
Foorman, Henry   76 10/9/1927 Spring Lake  S:J B:W L:18
Foorman, Katherine E.   79 11/27/1936 Spring Lake  S:J B:W L:18
Foreman, Ila F 1924   1994 Lincoln  
Foreman, John L. 1922   1993 Lincoln  
Forestal, Joyce (Dodd) 9/22/1957 49 3/3/2007 (Carmel, IN)  
Forester, Mary G. (Voge) 3/22/1930 75 3/19/2006 Not Listed  
Forger, Magdalena   46 4/17/1889 Spring Lake  S:J B:E L:47
Forister, Harold G. 12/28/1929 73 11/11/2002 Not Listed  
Forkell, Ann Stweart   3 5/3/1924 Spring Lake  S:C B:W L:55
Forkell, Lettie M.   30 5/24/1924 Spring Lake  S:C B:W L:55
Forkin, Michael R. 5/18/1949 57 10/25/2006 Not Listed  
Forman, Dawn E. "Mamo" (Darner) 8/19/1950 58 2/18/2009 Not Listed  
Forman, John     (3/29/1902) Spring Lake  (Vault-sent East)
Forner, Jackie Lynn (Stofen) 9/25/1947 60 2/23/2008 Not Listed  
Forner, Leonard G. II 4/24/1920 84 4/30/2004 Marywood  
Forni, Mary E. (Baum) 12/5/1920 84 10/31/2005 Mt Olivet  
Forrester, Mary B.   36 3/14/1872 Spring Lake  S:G B:E L:3
Forrester, Mary B.   3 6/19/1872 Spring Lake  S:G B:E L:3
Forslund, Ona B. (Braddy) 7/12/1924 84 2/22/2009 Lincoln  
Forslund, Richard E. 4/30/1952 55 5/7/2007 (Key Colony Beach, FL)  
Forte, Louis Reginald 10/4/1925 81 10/12/2006 Mt Olivet  
Fortier, Mary Margaret 1/28/1931 77 4/7/2008 Queen of Heaven  
Fortin, Estell A. "Stell" (Baginskis) 10/22/1913 88 9/27/2002 Holy Sepulchre  
Fortin, Robert A. 6/13/1931 77 6/20/2008 Risen Lord  
Fortman, George Edward 1913   7/../1970 Riverside S:GP B:30 L:C G:3
Fortman, Lyle Horace   1 7/22/1921 Spring Lake  S:F B:W L:17 G:19
Fortman, Mary Louise (White) 4/10/1920 83 7/1/2003 Riverside S:GP B:30 L:C G:2
Fortson, Mark R. 10/15/1963 41 6/18/2005 Not Listed  
Foss, Bernell     (7/18/1980) Riverside S:K B:1 L:10 G:2
Foss, Erma M. 1905   1/../1937 Riverside S:2 R:5 G:21
Foss, Phyllis L. (Fairchild) 10/19/1920 87 12/18/2007 Marshall, MI  
Fosse, Marilyn Jean (Jonesson) 2/16/1926 78 5/25/2004 Oakwood-O  
Folukes, Brian K. 1982   4/../1989 Riverside S:7 B:13 L:10 G:12
Foulkes, Mary Aileen (Bell) 6/10/1917 86 1/18/2004 Union  
Foulkes, Walter C. 12/21/1919 83 4/16/2003 Union  
Foulton, Clyde W.   45 2/9/1926 Spring Lake  S:C B:E L:120
Fourmont, Helen Frances 1/29/1909 95 2/12/2004 Lincoln  
Foutz, Bertha   31 12/21/1906 Spring Lake  S:C B:W L:25
Foutz, Vern   19 4/18/1918 Spring Lake  S:C B:W L:25
Fowlers, John L. 8/27/1941 65 5/3/2007 Riverside  
Fowley, Cynthia B. 6/18/1931 72 5/24/2004 Cremated  
Fowley, Roy E. 2/4/1930 77 10/7/2007 (Coral Springs, FL)  
Foy, Floyd F.   68 8/4/1979 Spring Lake  B:RG L:77 G:11
Foy, Mary Margaret     1/4/1999 Spring Lake B:RG L:77 G:10
Fradette, Patricia (Getting) 7/19/1925 77 12/16/2002 Chapel Hill-W  
Fraemke, Eliza B. 12/9/1843 68 3/27/1912 St Pauls S:B L:16 G:2
Fragee, Colonel     (3/15/1941) Riverside S:I B:2 G:26
Frain, Dorothy Theresa (Kirby) 9/7/1917 89 10/17/2006 St Mary-EP  
Francisco, Caroline   64 1/7/1922 Spring Lake  S:E B:W G:35
Franciscy, Paul W. 9/30/1943 63 4/9/2007 (Burial at Sea)  
Franch, David Neil "Frenchie" 2/27/1944 62 8/5/2006 Abe Lincoln  
Franck, Albert A. 5/9/1912 93 4/26/2006 St Joseph  
Franck, Flora (Ososky) 7/23/1913 92 8/13/2005 River Hills  
Franck, Nick P. Jr.     1/29/2008 St Joseph  
Franke, John E. 2/1/1937 66 10/13/2003 Pierce  
Franks, Andy Lewis   79 9/8/2002 Chester County, TN  
Franks, David   5 days 10/3/1996 Spring Lake B:RG L:42 G:14
Frantum, Shirley L. (Thomas) 8/20/1929 79 3/28/2009 Sublette, IL  
Franzke, Charles E. 12/8/1936 67 2/13/2004 Blackberry  
Fraunberg, Marie   76 9/12/2008 Blackberry  
Freda, Mary (Capone)   86 10/8/2002 Queen of Heaven  
Fredell, Mary Ann (Scherer) 11/18/1917 90 5/3/2008 Donated to Science  
Fredenburg, Hester   63 12/4/1885 Spring Lake S:J B:E L:188
Fredenburg, IsaacW.   69 2/16/1897 Spring Lake S:J B:E L:188
Fredendall, Evaline F. (Franklin) 12/26/1913 88 1/11/2002 River Hills  
Fredendall, Ralph G.   12 9/3/1909 Spring Lake S:B B:W L:156




Fredholm, George Robert "Bob" 4/3/1937 69 6/30/2006 Cremated  
Fredres, Berton M.   74 1/19/1958 Spring Lake S:N B:W L:48
Fredres, Olive Ann   75 3/12/1959 Spring Lake S:N B:W L:48


Freedlund, Carl Ogden     12/27/1987 Spring Lake S:N B:W L:35
Freedlund, Lenore B. 5/2/1906 96 11/14/2002 River Hills  
Freedlund, Ramona     7/8/1985 Spring Lake S:N B:W L:35
Freeland, Donald J. 1/17/1924 81 1/12/2006 Blackberry  
Freeland, Margaret (Weismiller) 2/2/1917 85 3/31/2002 (Lansdowne, PA)  
Freelove, Catharine   80 10/28/1878 Spring Lake S:J B:E L:275
Freelove, John A.   38 7/6/1876 Spring Lake S:J B:E L:275
Freelove, Mrs. M. J.   51 9/21/1891 Spring Lake S:J B:E L:275
Freeney, Jack Jr.     (1/2/1940) Riverside S:P B:2 L:5 G:5W
Fregin, Bertha L.   91 3/18/1979 Spring Lake S:G B:W L:41
Fegin, Frederick D.   77 12/30/1952 Spring Lake S:G B:W L:41
Freiheit, Lawrence H. 1915   4/../1993 Riverside S:8 B:7 L:9 G:12
Freiheit, Mary 1914   5/../1983 Riverside S:8 B:7 L:9 G:11
Freiner, Elizabeth     (6/11/1930) Spring Lake S:G B:E L:68
Freiner, Maurice   65 10/13/1910 Spring Lake S:G B:E L:68
Freiwald, Alma Kathryn 9/1/1918 85 11/1/2003 Lincoln  
Freke, Fred   22 6/14/1910 Spring Lake S:D B:W L:36
Freke, Laura Dorothy (Parcell) 6/7/1919 85 11/3/2004 River Hills  
Frencl, Mary L. (Zolper)   79 12/29/2007 Cremated  
Freshour, Mary Catherine 1879   6/../1951 Riverside S:N B:7 L:4 G:2
Freshour, Roy   1 mo (3/3/1909) Spring Lake S:A B:W L:28
Fressell, Mason S.   71 1934 Spring Lake OW-Tile 81
Frett, Treva L. 10/14/1914 89 11/24/2003 Mt Olivet  
Friar, Genevieve Maxine "Gen" (Kielly) 8/2/1916 89 7/2/2006 Boscobel, WI  
Friber, Christ   56 (10/7/1924) Riverside S:1 B:3 G:35
Frickenstein, Mildred L. (Brown) 3/13/1925 76 1/26/2002 River Hills  
Friday (Unnamed) 12/18/1954 Stillborn 12/18/1954 Spring Lake S:B B:W L:135 G:13
Fridh, Elba Henrietta     (4/28/1916) Riverside  
Frieberg, Axel W. 1883   3/../1939 Riverside S:4 B:3 L:23 G:6
Frieberg, Julia 1889   6/../1949 Riverside S:4 B:3 L:23 G:5
Frieberg, Russell 6/7/1923 81 6/3/2004 Riverside  
Friedgen, Sarah (Burgess)   62 2/10/2002 (Tawas City, MI)  

Friedman, Esther Lisberg (Brown)

    5/20/2002 Lincoln  
Friedman, Frank L. 8/31/1948 55 11/22/2003 Not Listed  
Friedmann, Lawrence 12/13/1914 91 5/4/2006 (Boulder City, NV)  
Friedrich, Robert J. "Bob" 12/1/1920 84 10/21/2005 SS Peter & Paul-N  
Friedrich, Marie B. (Dailey) 11/4/1922 80 8/28/2003 Not Listed  
Friedrichs, Jon W. "Papa Jon, Jumbo" 9/21/1952 56 2/16/2009 Not Listed  
Frieh, Joan M. (Horvat) 6/12/1960 48 3/24/2009 Risen Lord  
Friel, Edward W. 3/21/1931 71 7/30/2003 St Patrick-A  
Friel, Michael T. 9/17/1952 48 8/21/2001 Plattville  
Fries, Clayton   63 4/18/1989 Spring Lake S:P B:W L:45
Fries, Ira M.   18 9/15/1911 Spring Lake S:F B:W L:3 G:104
Fries, Patricia     (4/21/1989) Spring Lake S:P B:W L:45
Friesenecker, Mary Jo (Bangasser) 12/30/1938 69 3/30/2008 Freeport, IL  
Frigge, Jessie Grace     (12/28/1928) Riverside S:F L:6
Frisbie, Charles H.   75 12/3/1897 Spring Lake S:C B:E L:108
Frisbie, George Walter     (2/1/1893) Spring Lake S:C B:E L:108
Frisbie, Ruth A.   88 5/1/1921 Spring Lake S:C B:E L:108
Frish, James B. 9/1/1939 64 12/22/2003 Chicago, IL  
Frisk, Letitia Mae   77 9/15/1969 Spring Lake S:G B:W L:10
Frisk, Nels Conrad     3/31/1990 Spring Lake S:G B:W L:10
Frissell, Harriet L.   83 12/11/1944 Spring Lake S:O B:W G:80
Frissell, Mason S.   71 6/2/1934 Spring Lake S:O B:W G:81
Fritsch, Eleanor (Kessler) 6/19/1924 78 12/1/2002 Not Listed  
Fritsch, Lloyd 5/24/1911 94 10/25/2005 Welsh  
Fritsch, Russell Ray 7/23/1934 71 3/13/2006 Oak Ridge  
Fritsch, Timothy Allen 3/11/1957 47 2/11/2005 Oak Mound  
Fritsche, Ursula     (11/30/2004) St Pauls S:F L:101 G:7
Fritts, Hattie 1887   9/../1966) Riverside S:7 B:3 L:3 G:2
Fritts, LaRayne M. 7/5/1923 80 9/1/2003 Not Listed  
Fritts, William J. 10/16/1921 80 12/20/2001 Not Listed  
Frohlich, Henry D. 1845   10/../1918 Riverside S:F
Frohlich, Margaret (Belshner) 1845   1/../1925 Riverside S:F
Fruit, Charles Wesley 10/26/1922 82 8/21/2005 Precinct  
Fruit, Ila June   1 mo 8/2/1940 Spring Lake S:F B:W G:362
Fryer, Gunfield     (12/27/1967) Riverside S:3 B:1 L:2 G:7
Fuehr, Margaret 1879   12/../1958 St Pauls S:A L:55 G:6
Fuentes, Olivia F. (Flores) 12/20/1933 74 6/11/2008 Mt Olivet  
Fuentes, Rodolfo "Rudy" 11/23/1941 64 12/21/2005 Not Listed  
Fuentes, Sara (Villanueva) 9/1/1926 79 11/21/2005 Riverside  
Fugney, Henry   86 5/23/1931 Riverside S:12 B:5 G:53
Fuguey, John W. 1924   1990 Riverside  
Fujii, Kazuko "Kay"   89 8/5/2004 St Pauls  
Fulbright, Kenneth C. "Jack" 10/3/1934 69 9/16/2004 Marengo, IL  
Fullam, Elliott S.   37 10/8/1874 Spring Lake S:I B:E L:16
Fullam, George R.     1873 Spring Lake S:I B:E L:16
Fullam, Marynda   68 1/6/1909 Spring Lake S:I B:E L:16
Fullen, Martha (Moody) 1843 85 9/../1928 Riverside S:A B:2 L:12
Fullen, Moses 1879 70 8/../1913 Riverside S:A B:2 L:13
Fullmer, Marie (Guirsch) 8/3/1908 96 6/5/2005 Techny, IL  
Fullweiler, Daisy D. (Russell) 9/7/1927 71 1/11/1999 Riverside S:4 G:7 L:12 G:2
Fullwiler, Charles J. 4/10/1883   6/22/1936 Riverside S:L B:1 L:5 R:1 G:5
Fullwiler, Robert Jr.     (10/29/1941) Riverside S:2 R:7 G:14
Fullwiler, Robert P. 6/2/1917   3/10/1992 Riverside S:NV L:51 G:10
Fulmer, Lynnford W.   67 10/1/2002 West Batavia  
Fultz, Howard 12/29/1919 85 4/15/2005 Johnson Grove  
Fultz, Neoma J. (Cole) 8/11/1926 77 8/16/2003 Johnson Grove  
Funas, Mary Rebecca 1903 10 8/../1913 Riverside S:J B:2 L:5 G:6
Funken, Alice F.   52 (5/6/1948) Riverside S:7 B:15 L:8 G:2
Funston, Robet M. "Robbie" 5/30/1990 18 6/25/2008 East Dundee  
Furlong, Evelyn K. (Kosch) 2/4/1918 84 10/19/2001 Not Listed  
Furnifur, Harry   79 1/2/1942 Spring Lake S:V B:W G:97
Furr, Janice 10/3/1955 50 4/18/2006 (Colorado Springs, CO)  
Fystro, George B. 10/9/1913 90 8/8/2004 Irene, SD