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Aurora Illinois Area Cemeteries



Spring Lake Cemetery Entrance Arch, circa: 1898



    This web site is intended to be an aid to genealogist, historians, and anyone else interested in gathering information about, and the final resting place for individuals of interest that were residents of Northern Illinois (centered on Aurora), former residents of the same, or others whose obituary appeared in the Aurora Beacon News newspaper. Information obtained from the Aurora Beacon News obituaries includes whatever cemetery is listed fi near Aurora, a town in which interred if not within the vicinity of Aurora IL, or if a town is listed in parenthesis it indicates the residence/location of the individual at time of death.

    This information has been consolidated from three sources but is not all-inclusive. The three sources are: (1) Cemetery databases (Spring Lake 1865-present; Saint Paul's Lutheran Cemetery 1900-present; Calvary Cemetery; and Riverside Cemetery through December 2003), (2) selective interments from various cemetery listings online at and and (3) obituary information from the online version f the Aurora Beacon News since June 2001. This site will be updated aperiodically with additional, new obituary data.

    To find an individual of interest, select the Surname Search page. From there, you can select the first letter(s) of the surname of interest. On the Surname letter(s) page, there is a table listing all individuals with a surname that includes only one, two, or three individuals with that surname. If there are four or more individuals with the same last name, including possible variant spellings, a separate page exists and can be accessed by using the hyperlink in the table on the surname letter page. All surname pages include data consolidated from all the information sources.

    A list of cemeteries referenced in the surname pages is available on the "Cemeteries" page. It provides the name of the cemetery, address or location, and if available, the phone number to contact for information regarding that cemetery.

    For Spring Lake and St Paul's cemetery interments, once an individual is identified and the section and lot is determined, one can determine who else is interred on that lot or partial lot owned by the same individual(s). This is especially important in discovering relationships between people with different surnames.

    Queries and comments can be submitted to the Webmaster using the page entitled "CONTACT." Data corrections are solicited and can also be submitted using the "CONTACT" page.


This site has been created and is maintained by a private individual for the benefit of all who wish to use it. Good luck in your research.


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