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Aurora Illinois Area Cemeteries

Surname Search

Select the first letter(s) of the surname you wish to locate from the alphabet at the end of this text or on the navigation buttons within the border to the left. Be patient, most surname pages are large and may take time to download/appear. Each surname letter(s) page will include a table containing the summary data available for individuals with surnames beginning with that letter or letters. If there are four of more individuals with the same surname or variant spelling of the surname, only the surname will appear and will provide a hyperlink to another page with a table containing the information for that set of individuals.

    For some individuals, the date of death is not available in the cemetery records, however an interment date is. Any date within parentheses in the death column is the interment date if the death date is unknown. In the early days of Spring Lake and Riverside Cemeteries, remains that had been interred in either a public cemetery that was being closed, on private property (such as on a farm), or at some out-of-town location were disinterred and transferred to Spring Lake or Riverside. The date of death for these interments may not have been known/recorded. Probably the most notable transfer into Spring Lake cemetery was that of Joseph McCarty, the man given credit for founding the city of Aurora. Joe had serious health problems (respiratory) and relocated to the warmer climate of Alabama for relief. He died in 1839 but his remains were not transferred to Spring Lake Cemetery until January 30, 1873 and interred in Section D-East Lot #1 owned by his brother Samuel McCarty. The notation for Joe's interment in the Spring Lake Cemetery records states "From the South".

    As newer cemeteries were established, some remains were disinterred from Spring Lake and moved to these newer resting places. There are a few who were transferred from Spring Lake to St Paul's Cemetery after 1900. These will appear as dual entries in the appropriate surname table and will be annotated as a transfer.

    Often, genealogists will "read" a cemetery. This involves reading the inscriptions on grave markers. When one spouse dies, it is not uncommon to have the names and date of birth for both spouses inscribed on the marker, with the death date for the deceased spouse. When these markers are "read" by genealogists, they may appear in listings such as those on this site. Information obtained for this site from online sources include some entries without a date of death. It is possible some of these individuals might be living. 

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